ATOMIX – Organic Cotton


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Quantity : 1 box contain 10 pieces of ATOMIX Organic Cotton

Incredible Cotton Durability

  • Keep flavor stable up to 3 days without changing new cotton for RTA & RDTA
  • Direct lung vape up to 7 sec without dryhit*

*Tested on Geekvape Griffin RTA with A1 khantal wire at 0.15ohm, 45 watt and 4.80 volt.

Extremely Good Absorption

  • Long lasing chain vape with small dryhit chance
  • Fabulous flavor and vapor production
  • Extremely reduce cotton taste at first drop
  • Stronger nicotine throat hit


  • 80% organic cotton
  • 20% organic wool
  • Un-bleach
  • No whitenner & No chemical added