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  • Fantasi Apple

    RM45.00 RM35.00

    Fantasi Apple is inspired by the famous Fanta drink. Ultra delicious Apple soda. Trending in many countries worldwide! Bottle Size:…

  • Fantasi Grape

    RM45.00 RM35.00

    Fantasi Grape Ice is inspired by the famous Fanta Grape fizzy drink. Ultra delicious grape soda with low mint. Trending…

  • Fantasi Mango

    RM45.00 RM35.00

    Fantasi Mango is inspired by the famous Fanta fizzy drink. Ultra delicious Mango soda with low mint. Trending in many countries…

  • Fantasi Orange

    RM45.00 RM35.00

    Fantasi Orange Ice is an e-liquid inspired by the popular Fanta Fizzy drink. Delicious with a touch of freshness. This flavor is appreciated all over…