VLS VAPE was founded by vapers who were frustrated by the lack of reputable online stores that carried their favorite e-liquids. United by our passion for delivering a world-class shopping experience to the vape community, we built VLS VAPE to serve a single purpose: give our customers access to their favorite e-liquids at the lowest prices.

We didn’t create VLS VAPE because we felt the vape community would benefit from another vape shop; we created VLS VAPE because we believed the vape community needed a good one. VLS VAPE Difference is our manifesto that we believe sets us apart from the noise in the market – apart from the fly-by-night, here-today, gone-tomorrow vape shops, and apart from vape shops whose biggest priority is their bottom line, and not the satisfaction of their customers.

Our Mission:

  1. Take care the customers in any way possible.
  2. Provide the highest quality products possible.
  3. Bring the best quality products at the lowest possible price.
  4. Helping the local brewers to have the chance to promote their product.
  5. Provide Let people learn about the correct vaping knowledge
We believe respect, trust, and sincerity are three most important factors that drive us successful. Come and shop with VLSVAPE.com. You will not be disappointed.